The National Specialist Register Of The Malaysian Medical Council

The Medical (Amendment 2012) Act 1971 came into force on 1st July 2017 when the Medical Regulations 2017 were adopted. The amended Act requires that for a doctor to practice as a specialist, he must be registered under this Act. For this purpose, the Malaysian Medical Council has established the National Specialist Register, the database of Specialist Medical Practitioners in the country. The register contains information about medical specialists, their disciplines/specialties, qualifications and places of practice. Only medical practitioners on the Specialist Register can practice in their registered disciplines/specialties.

The Regulatory requirement for entry in the Specialist Register shall be as follows:

Section 14 A ‘Registered medical practitioner practicing as specialist” reads as follows:

  • 1. No person whose name has not been entered into register shall practice as a specialist in that specialty.
  • 2. Any person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be subjected to disciplinary jurisdiction of the Council.

Section 14 B ‘A person is entitled to be registered as a specialist’ under this Act if

  1. he has been fully registered under section 14;
  2. has attended specialized training in that specialty in a recognized training institution;
  3. holds a recognized specialist qualification;
  4. he has proven to the satisfaction of the Malaysian Medical Council that he is fit and is of good character.

Section 14 C ‘Registration as Specialist’ reads:

  • (1) The Council may consider the application made under subsection 18(1) and may require the applicant to produce information or documents in support of the application.
  • (2) Where the Council decides to approve the application, the Council directs the Registrar to enter the applicant’s name in the Register
  • (3) The Council may refuse to register any such person as it thinks fit
  • (4) Where the Council refuses to register the applicant under subsection (3), the Council shall immediately serve a notice of refusal to the applicant, together with reasons thereof.”

Organizational Structure of the Evaluation Committee

The Act provides for the Malaysian Medical Council to establish evaluation committees under section 4E of the Medical (Amendment 2012) Act 1971 and regulation 23, Medical Regulation 2017 for the “purpose of evaluation and registration of medical practitioners”. This is in accordance with the Council’s power under section 4A of the Medical (Amendment 2012) Act 1971 “to approve or refuse any application for registration or certification in accordance with this Act or Regulations.”

There shall be two Evaluation Committees established by the Council i.e.

  • (i) Evaluation Committee for Primary Medical Qualifications; and
  • (ii) Evaluation Committee for Specialist Medical Qualifications (ECSMQ).

The Evaluation Committee for Specialist Medical Qualifications (ECSMQs) established by the Council shall consider all applications for specialist registration. Specialty Subcommittees (SSCs) of recognized specialties shall assist the Evaluation Committee in their evaluation. All applications for registration shall be reviewed for consideration by the relevant SSCs which will then make their recommendations to the Evaluation Committee. Applicants who fulfil the required criteria shall be recommended by the ECSMQs to the Council for entry in the NSR.


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