Why should I be registered in the NSR?

Registration as a specialist is a legal requirement.
The Medical (Amendment 2012) Act 1971 requires medical practitioners intending to practice as specialists to have their names entered in the Specialist register. The Register is a database of specialist medical practitioners in the country. Only medical practitioners on the Specialist Register are recognized as specialists, and can practice in the registered specialty.

Can I be registered in two specialties?

Yes a doctor can apply to be registered in two specialties i.e in two related fields of practice as listed in the List of Specialties. eg. Internal Medicine & Cardiology or General Surgery and Colorectal Surgery.

Is registration with the NSR compulsory?

Registration as specialist is a legal requirement under the Medical (Amendment 2012) Act 1971.

Once registered, is there a need to renew my registration?

Yes, registration with NSR will be time-based and is valid for 5 years.

How much is the registration fee?

Based on the Fee Rate (Second Schedule, Medical Regulations 2017):
Application for Specialist Registration (5 years) is RM 1500.00
Application for additional field of practice is RM 500.00

I am in the public sector, do I need to be registered with the NSR?

Yes. All doctors in the country will have to be registered with NSR if they want to practice as specialists.

I am in the public sector, do I need to pay the registration fee?

Yes. All doctors in the country will have to pay the registration fee (RM1500.00) if they apply to be on the Specialist Register.

Do I need to renew my APC once I am in the NSR?

NSR grants you registration as a specialist, however, you still need an APC which is a licence to practice as a medical practitioner.

Do I still have to pay the annual fee to renew my APC in addition to the RM1,500 above?

Yes. All practicing doctors in the country are required to renew APC every year and to pay the annual fee as required. This is separate from the NSR.

Do I need to be a member of the Academy of Medicine in order to be registered in the NSR?


I am already a member of the AMM, and my name is listed in the AMM Specialist Register. Do I need to register with the NSR?

Yes. All doctors in the country will have to be registered with NSR if they want to practice as specialists.

Who are the people who vet / approve my application?

The Evaluation Committee for Specialist Medical Qualifications (ECSMQ) under MMC is responsible for evaluating all applications for specialist registration. It will be assisted by Specialty Subcommittees (SSCs) which have been established for various specialties.
Members of respective committees are appointed by MMC comprises of peers from the relevant specialties, representing MOH, AMM, Universities, & private sectors. (Please refer to list of committees for details)

Once I am registered in a specialty, does it mean I cannot do procedures outside my specialty?

Credentialing of procedures is a separate exercise. Some hospitals are already granting privileges to specialists to do specific procedures. Generally, you will only be granted privileges to do core procedures in your chosen specialty. Request for any other additional procedures can be made to the hospital following relevant training in the procedures.

Will the NSR be accessible to anyone? Will there be a fee if a non medical person wants to check the list?

The NSR website is freely available and accessible to the public.

Please let me know all the available specialties and subspecialties in the NSR.

Please refer to List of Specialties that are available in the NSR website.

How long does it take to process my application?

If you have submitted an application with all the required supporting documents completed, the average processing time will be within 3 - 4 months. However, it may take longer for those trained overseas or those with unlisted post graduate qualifications.

Where can I appeal if my application is rejected?

There is no provision for appeal under the Medical Act (Amendment 2012)1971. However, applicant can submit a fresh applications if he/she has new information to support his application. Submission can be made to the NSR Secretariat after six (6) months of receiving the decisions.

What is the application process for a foreign-trained doctors applying for NSR?

Application from Foreign doctors can only be considered if there is an employment offer from a local prospective hospital or healthcare institution in Malaysia. He/she can submit application for Full registration with MMC & NSR registration concurrently.